Pick What Is The Best Carpet Cleaner

Not Ok! I had a product to help me save our carpeting while working on potty training. Carpet spots keep coming back? I sprayed the product on a stain and went on my business; a few minutes after I come back with a rag and rub the area–stain and odor gone! In fact, the foam has been really effective, occasionally I had a hard time locating the place I sprayed as a way to wash it!

I have also used it on dark marks made from shoes or other filthy objects. The most important reason that spots return after the cleanup is finished, is from "wicking". Performance The complete only negative I can think of is that it runs out quickly–occasionally the foam comes out too thick and can be wasted. This is due to over wetting the place when cleaning. Scent It smells really nice! When you use a liquid to remove a place some of the liquid is missing in the procedure.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. The missing liquid ends up in the rug base and backing. ( 3 of 3 customers found this review useful ) Since the carpet dries, the place gets raised up the fibers of the carpeting in precisely the exact same manner a wick works onto a candle or lantern. Heavy Traffic or Heavy Stains, Woolite lifts em away. The benefits of dry carpet cleaning — and in particular — dry extraction carpet cleaning are as follows: Inside my home, I have primarily hardwood flooring. 1) Allows for immediate use of the space that has been cleaned.

But in two areas we’ve only a place of carpeting and we all know how carpets and rugs car get in-ground stains and dirt which take over only the vacuum cleaner to get out. 2) Will not harm the carpet backing. A few years ago we had been having issues with not just the kids creating messes, but also the animals so we had to find something which could take out the mess. 3) Will not allow spots to reappear hours or days after the cleanup is finished.

Husband of mine came home with all the Woolite Heavy Traffic as an answer to our problems. Carpets stay cleaner longer Pick What Is The Best Carpet Cleaner CleanThisCarpet! 5) Deodorizing: The chemical is a natural deodorizer with a new orange smell.

For those heavy duty stains and ground in dirt regions Woolite Heavy Traffic has deep cleaning action. Dry-Max is the ultimate dry carpet cleaning chemical. Not just that, the formula includes scotchgard to also protects the carpet once washed. We’re also referred to as DryMax, Drymax, Dry-Max, DRYMAX and DRY-MAX. The cleaner comes in a spray can and is useable with all the Woolite Rug Stick (that I don’t have) or simply manually. (remember to vacuum and test your cloth ). You may call us whatever you want.

Once you shake up the can, the cleaner comes out as a broad spray then foams up to spread across the area to be cleaned. Only don’t call the rugs — washed with our dry chemical "dirty"! Performance In our experience the Woolite Heavy Traffic Foaming Cleaner lifts the stains out fairly well. What is steam cleaner vs vapor steam cleaners? For deeper set stains it is possible to wet the carpet first and allow the cleaner to set for a while to permeate the dirt.

From Wikipedia Vapor steam cleaners or steam vapor systems are cleaning appliances or devices using steam to quickly clean clean, and sanitize inanimate surfaces. Just recently I pulled the can out again after a nausea incident. Frequently the process is effective enough to disinfect or even sterilize the surfaces.

It seemed to protect against a lot of the mess from setting in (should not have had pizza for dinner at night).